Polymorphic Entrancing Topos

at P.E.T Projects  

Curated by Katerina Nikou

We welcome the visitors to an unpredictable ceremony about the transition of archetypal symbols in the contemporary years.

Aristeidis Lappas composes a mise en scène performance to comment on existentialism in an ambiguous society. He is the general conductor. He makes the sculptures, the paintings and the outfits of the participants. He creates a unique situation with the use of artistic means and sound intervention. A fourth protagonist, who is actually hidden, is the Witness – the audience. At this point, the artist challenges the visitors to see things that they cannot explain but know they have seen or experienced. We can recognize familiar forms although the performance is based on unfamiliar situations: something looks intimate but simultaneously distant. This is expressed through the sculptures and the roles of the 3 performers. Aristeidis Lappas comments on the gap between oft-encountered situations (things, symbols, experiences we recognize) and unconscious perceptions inviting the audience to redefine reality. The artist connects the subconscious to the archetypal performances of God Dionysus, influenced by his characteristic attributes of divine inspiration and ecstasy. Three characters along with the musicians occupy P.E.T creating an unprecedented choreography and utopian scenery ignoring the conditions of time and space.

The Lover, who through the drunken state of lust, celebrates our power to expose ourselves to ecstatic rituals.

The Warrior related to determination and to a sheer force of will, which surpasses all obstacles.

The Builder, who envisions the future and constructs a safe environment to maintain balance.

The audience participates actively without knowing that.

Our names do not exist, our identity is neutral, our mind is our body, our vision is sound, we try to encounter the unreal.

Text: Katerina Nikou

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